Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

In this review, we are looking at some of the best gaming mouse under 50 that you can get in early 2021. When it comes to gaming mice, there are so many options nowadays. It seems like almost every other week, we’re getting something new, and with all this competition, we’re getting some pretty fantastic gaming mice for cheaper than ever before. There will be links to all the mice in this review if you like to purchase any of them. They’re all $50 or less; quick disclaimer, some of these mice’s prices are subject to change also. I own a variation of each mouse on this list and have either reviewed or played extensively with the mouse.

HYPERX PULSEFIRE HASTE – Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

HyperX PulseFire Haste comes in at the $50 price point and weighs in at a light 59 grams. The Haste has an Ambi shape for medium-sized hands, but I also had a great time using this mouse, and I would consider my hands to be on the smaller size at around 17 by 9 centimeters.

Checking out the dimensions with a length of 124 millimeters, a height of 38 millimeters, and a width of 67 millimeters. The HyperX PulseFire Haste also uses the hyper flex cable, which is their take on a paracord cable, and it is 1 of the best stock most cables that I’ve used.

It’s incredibly light, flexible, and has a low point of tension. The mouse feet are made from 100 percent PTFE material and also smooth on any cloth mouse pad that I tried it on.

The sensor used here is the Pixar 3335 sensor, and this sensor performs just as well as any other proven industry standard sensors, like the Pixar 3360 or 3389 sensors. It uses TTC golden microswitches, a nice break from the usual Omron switches that we see used on many gaming mice. They’re rated for 60 million clicks higher than what we usually see from a 20 or even 50mm Omron’s. 

As of right now, the pulsefire Haste is only available in one colorway, which is matte black, but I’m sure that over time HyperX will begin to release new colorways of the Haste. As for buttons, you get six here, mouse one and two, the scroll wheel button, the two side buttons, and the DPI button on the scroll wheel. Side buttons are medium in size, easy to hit, and the positioning is good as well.

My preferred grip style for this mouse is fingertip and palm, mainly because of the low shape in the mouse’s overall profile, and there is a lack of support in the back for a claw grip. Also, there is software available for this mouse, and that is the ingenuity software, but strangely enough, this is a Microsoft store exclusive, so keep that in mind if you plan to get your hands on this mouse. 

Overall, the PulseFire Haste has seriously impressed and has become my primary wired FPS mouse. The low weight combined with the great cable, feet, and low-profile shape make this mouse a winner, and the fact that it comes in the right at our $50 price limit is they carry on top.


  • Lightweight
  • Low click latency


  • Six programable buttons only

RAZER VIPER MINI - Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

The Razor Viper Mini comes in at only $40 and weighs 61 grams. It’s designed for people with medium to smaller hands, and it uses an ambient design that makes it comfortable for right or left-handed users; however, it only has five buttons on the left side of the mouse. In total, the mouse has six buttons. Mouse one and two, the scroll wheel button, the two side buttons, and the DPI button. Measuring its dimensions has a length of 118 millimeters, a height of 38 millimeters, and 53 millimeters.

The Viper Mini uses razer speed flex cable, which is a bit stiff, but overall it’s a suitable paracord type cable. The sensor used here is the Pixar 3359 sensor, which isn’t common sense, but I never had any issues with tracking performance as far as tracking performance.

There is a known issue with the liftoff distance being high, but this can now be remedied by updating the firmware and going into the razer synapse software for the mouse, and using the mouse mac calibration tool.

The switches used under mouse 1 and 2 are razer’s optical mouse switches that claim an impressive 70 million click life expectancy. In comparison, I can’t back up that claim since I haven’t personally clicked my Viper Mini that many times. 

When it comes to the clicks themselves, they are tactical crisp and feel like solid mouse switches. My preferred grip style with this mouse is fingertip and claw because of the Viper Mini size, and even with my smaller hands in a palm grip, my fingers will hang off the front of the mouse.

Overall the Viper Mini is 1 of the best mice you can get for under $40 and quickly gets my recommendation for fingertip and claw grip users looking to try something new.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Good performance


  • Not entirely ambidextrous

GLORIOUS MODEL O/O- - Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse under 50

Many PC gamers already know or at least heard of the model O mouse. I believe that it is famous for a good reason and that is its excellent price and performance. Even in early 2021, the Glorious model O is still a great option for anyone looking to get a gaming mouse under $50. Both the model O and O minus have an Ambi shape, with the regular model O being designed for medium to larger hands, and the O minus is being made for medium to smaller hands.

The model O weighs in at 67 grams for the mad version will the minus weighs in at just 58 grams. Both mice use the glorious cheese skits and the ascended cords, which have been revised to be even better than they were on earlier copies of the Model O.

The g-skates are made from 100 percent PTFE material, and they are a perfect mouse. While it is light and flexible, the ascended cord isn’t the best stock cable that I’ve used, but it is still good. 

Both mice use the Pixar 3360 sensor, a trusted sensor, and they also use the arm on switches rated for 20 million clicks. Both mice come in matte and glossy variants as well as black and white color options. Again, you get six buttons total, and the model O has a very safe shape that makes it work for basically every grip style.

There is software available from the glorious website for each mouse, and it’s user-friendly and simple to use. Overall the model O and O minus are great mice, and glorious has kept their prices low even with their massive success. These might have proven to be a hit with many gamers, including myself, and I think the versatile shape and value that glorious offers are what makes these mice awesome even to this day.


  • Affordable
  • Ultra-light
  • Quick-click clever


  • Few buttons
  • RGBs not accurate

GLORIOUS MODEL D/D- - Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

The Glorious Model D is just an ergo shape model O. The feet, cables, switches, and sensors are the same on both the model O and model D mice. A key difference here is the weight, with the regular map model D being about 68 grams and the map model D minus being approximately 61 grams.

 If you got with the model O or model O minus but wanted a change to a more ergonomic shape that and this is what you should pick up right here.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Inexpensive


  • Low profile rate
  • No onboard memory

COOLER MASTER MM710/711 - Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

We have the cooler master MM 710 and MM 711. The main differences between these two mice are that the mm711 has RGB while the mm710 no RGB, also the mm710 weighs less at just 53 grams while the mm711 weighs 60 grams, and finally the mm710 costs anywhere from 40 to 45 dollars while the mm711 costs around 45 to 55 dollars depending on Amazon pricing.

Besides those differences, both mice have the same flexible ultra-weave cable, and both use the industry-standard Pixar 3389 sensor. The mm710 and mm711 offer glossy and matte variants and have a black or white colorway.

These mice have a really small but tall Ambi shape that makes them an amazing mouse for claw grip. You get plenty of support in the back in both mice are still great for fingertip grip. The mm710 and 711 can be configured by the master plus software, one of the cleaner and better user interfaces and mouse software.

The quick rundown is, if you need RGB and are willing to pay extra for it and gain a few grams. Then the mm711 is the mouse for you. Otherwise, the mm710 is cheaper and weighs less than the mm711. 

The Cooler Master mm710 and mm711 or the mice I usually recommend for anyone who has already used the model O and is looking for a change in shape, especially if they’re fans of claw grip and the model O are a bit too flat and safe for you.

HK GAMING MIRA M/S - Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

The main difference here between HK Gaming Mira M and S is size and weight, with the Mira m being designed for medium to larger hands and the Mira S designed for smaller to medium hands. 

Even with a noticeable difference in size, the Mira m manages only two more grams than the Mira s, weighing only 63 grams. Both use the Pixar 3360 sensor and 50 mill Omron switches. They’re both offered in a variety of colorways like your usual black and white, but there’s also a pumpkin lavender, rose quartz, and even more, the colorway you choose will affect the price with the Mira m going anywhere from 45 to 60 dollars, and the Mira S going around 40 to 50 dollars.

They have the same paracord type cable that is a little stiff but is decent for the most part. As for the feet, they are kind of thin and don’t take up much space, but overall they get the job done. My preferred grip style for palm and claw and the Mira M with its larger, more versatile shape is palm claw and fingertip.

Overall the Mira S and Mira M are severely underrated and don’t get the love they deserve.


  • Excellent performance
  • Paracord cable
  • Good built quality


  • Side buttons are too low

DREVO FALCON - Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

The Drevo Falcon is one of the most budget-friendly mice reasonably priced at $40 flat on this list. It has a very comfortable larger Ambi shape that makes it amazing for a palm and claw grip, but I also found it suitable for fingertip grip. It weighs 70 grams and has six buttons total. I feel like they underplayed how good the cable was because they call it an ultrasoft cable, but it is an exceptional cable considering the price. It’s light, it’s flexible, and stayed out of my way when gaming. 

They’re using the top-of-the-line Pixar 3389 sensor, and the falcon comes in either a black or white matte finish. The weakest point of this mouse is their feet on the bottom of the mouse, their average. While they are bad enough that I wouldn’t recommend the mouse, I just wanted to mention that they could be improved, or you may want to eventually replace them down the line with some better mouse feet.

Overall, if you’re looking for a larger, more comfortable mouse on a budget, look no further than the Drevo falcon.

LOGITECH G203 – Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

Best Gaming Mouse Under 50

The Logitech G203 is usually $40 or under. The main reason why I decided to put the G203 on this list is because of its incredibly low price of $15 that it regularly goes on sale for again that is the sale price. This makes it probably one of the best gaming mice that you can get for $15 or less, and I genuinely think it’s good even if you can only get around 25 to $30.

That being said, the price of the G203 fluctuates a lot. It’s an ambient egg-shaped mouse designed for people with smaller to medium hands. It weighs about 85 grams, and my preferred grip styles are fingertip and claw. 

It comes in 4 colorways, black, white, blue, and lilac, all of which are in a matte finish. The feet, while they are made from a PTF material, aren’t too impressive. The cable is a rubber cable, but for this price, it isn’t uncommon. The sensors and an optical sensor for the actual sensor used here, but the sensor performance here is great for my experience, and I know its issues.

Overall when you can get the G203 on sale for $15, it’s 1 of the best mice you can get for that price point, but regardless, it’s a solid budget mouse pick.


  • Affordable
  • Solid Sensor
  • Well-designed quality


  • Small size
  • Some buttons are spongy and some are soft