Left Handed Mouse

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The best left-handed gaming mouse is a bit in the market because only 10% of the population falls in this category. From a left-hander’s point of view, it generally feels that there are never sufficient left-handed gaming mice in the market.

PC gaming is getting more and more popular as gaming console sales are reduced, and famous games like PUB-G, Call of Duty are launching exclusively on PCs.

Here is the guide for the best left-handed mouse of 2021:


left handed mouse

Razer death adder has excellent tracking features capable of capturing up to 200 inches per second speeds with the 10,000 DPI optical sensor.

 You can also make improvements to how you play using the Razer synapse heat maps and stats. Response time is significant when using a mouse to play games online to ensure you there are no setbacks during gameplay the most has an ultra polling technology which ensures that response time is as low as one millisecond, unlike most mouse which has a red light on the scroll wheel you can customize the scroll wheel light color as well as that of the Razer logo on the mouse.

Specifications of Razer Death Hadder Gaming Mouse

  • Mouse Dimensions: 127mm x 70mm x 44mm
  • Mouse Color: Black
  • Mouse DPI: 3500
  • Connectivity:Corded
  • Sensor:3.5 G Infrared sensor
  • Mouse Buttons:5 buttons
  • Special Features:Left-Handed Mice with True Ergonomic Design, Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet

Pros & Cons


  • Amazingly durable and built quality is solid
  • The optical sensor is excellent.
  • Excellent depth Customization offered by Razer’s Synapse Software


  • Limited Buttons.
  • Low DPI.


left handed mouse

When it comes to PC gaming, Logitech is one company whose name keeps popping up.

Logitech go on to give great gaming experiences with this cordless mouse. The scroll button on Logitech mx 610 moves up and down and scrolls in the lateral directions, which is an excellent feature when viewing files like spreadsheets.

Other buttons are available on the mouse, including a mute email, instant messaging and volume buttons. They use a 2.4 gigahertz receiver plug with an auto-shutoff feature to save the most battery. 

Specification of Logitech MX 610 Cordless Mouse

  • Mouse Dimension: 8.25 x 7.25 x 1.87 inches
  • Mouse Color: Silver
  • Mouse DPI: 800
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sensor: 2.4 G laser sensor
  • Mouse Buttons: 4 buttons
  • Special Features: The buttons on the mouse have multiple features.

Pros & Cons


  • The scroll button has up-down, and sideways directions.
  • Exceptional buttons for email, messages and volume buttons.
  • The laser sensor is good.


  • DPI is very low.


left handed

This is a gaming mouse with interchangeable, highly responsive buttons. When you operate the mouse on its pad, it automatically charges using the power play wireless charging technology; this enables gamers to enjoy long game-playing durations when charged fully.

 It lasts up to 24 hours with the RGB lights on and 32 hours with the lights off. Logitech G930 has enough operating buttons for accurate use. The response time is very fast with an adjustable DPI of up to 12000, but this device does not come cheap, and you’ll need to invest some more cash in enjoying the benefits it offers. 

Specifications of Logitech G930 Lightspeed

  • Mouse Dimension: 130mm x 67mm x 40mm
  • Mouse Color: Black
  • Mouse DPI: 25,600 DPI
  • Connectivity: Corded
  • Sensor: HERO 25K
  • Mouse Buttons: 7-11 buttons with removable buttons

Special Features: The Logitech g930 has both right and left-handed ambidextrous design 

Pros & Cons


  • Mechanical Button Technology.
  • Up to 11 Buttons.


  • Low access for G HUB.


Silent Gaming Mouse

The Razer lance mouse has 16000 DPI and a 5g sensor. This gaming mouse is one of the best.

 It is very easy to use and makes for comfortable playing courtesy of the wired and wireless connectivity feature. it comes with nine response to your programmable buttons for a high gaming performance; you can adjust the DPI with ease using the clutch grip 

The battery on this mouse is very powerful, lasting up to 24 hours. This mouse is ambidextrous; also, you can activate personalized profiles via the onboard storage feature.

Specifications of Razer Lance Head 

  • Mouse Dimension: 8 x 1.5 x 4.6 inches
  • Mouse Color: Black
  • Mouse DPI: 1600 DPI
  • Connectivity: Wired – Standard Braided Cable
  • Sensor: On-the-fly
  • Mouse Buttons: 8 programmable buttons

Special Features:  It also comes with a USB dongle that can be plugged in the mouse to remove the Micro USB cable.

Pros & Cons


  • Acceleration is 5G
  • Laser Sensor.
  • Long USB Cable.


  • DPI is not fast.


left handed

This is an ambidextrous gaming mouse with grip pads that enables non-slipping during high-intensity game events. The Roccat Kova mouse comes with swarming technology for high-performance gaming and an android compatible app. it has 11 high responsive programmable buttons with a 7000 DPI.

The overdrive mode of the integrated optical sensor enables the stability of the DPI. This mouse has a low number of buttons, but this is easy to correct; you can increase the buttons to double the number with the easy shift feature.

Specification of Roccat Kova

  • Mouse Dimension: 120 x 65 x 38m
  • Mouse Color: Black
  • Mouse DPI: 3200 DPI
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0.
  • Sensor: Pro-Optic R2
  • Mouse Buttons: 7 buttons

Special Features: Right or left-handed, both first-person shooter gaming.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight.
  • Strong Software.
  • Subtle lighting.


  • Tough switches.
  • Sensors could be better.