Logitech G502

logitech g502

What is the Logitech G502?

This is a Logitech lightspeed wireless mouse, but the micro-USB cable was braided a very high quality, and it plugs in really deep into the mouse, so when it’s plugged in, you can’t tell the difference between a wired and a wireless mouse.

The lightspeed Logitech wireless receiver can be plugged directly into your PC, or you can use the included adapter to plug it into the end of the micro-USB cable.

Well, this means you have the receiver on the desk right next to the mouse, so you get that best connection possible and reduce the latency further.

In the box, you get the mouse itself, a micro-USB charging cable and a weights box with a wireless receiver inside. You get your welcome buckler instruction manual and things like that.

 You can put the dongle into the bottom of the mouse in the compartment to not lose it.

Logitech G502 – Performance

The G502 lightspeed uses Logitech’s hero sensor, which can use up to 16000 DPI which should be way more than enough for anyone; it felt very active, responsive and precise, and it was an immense pleasure to use. 

There was no distinguishable difference between a wired mouse, and there’s no latency or anything like that. It is awe-inspiring how far wireless technology has come.

The Logitech G502 never had a single connectivity issue; with this mouse, as soon as I turn on my PC, it’s connected and ready to use there’s no latency or anything like that. Wireless technology has come a long way.

Equally as necessary, battery life is also perfect. About two weeks ago, I fully charged this mouse, and I’ve used it every day in some capacity, whether that be for an hour two, or just a lot throughout the day, and it’s only lost about 60 percent of battery which is pretty good.

Logitech claim this mouse will last for 60 hours if you have no lights on, or 48 hours with the lights on, which is a very long time.

Especially since it charges so quickly, on just a standard USB 2.0 port, five minutes of charging will give you 2.5 hours of playtime.

Therefore, the battery life on the Logitech G502 light speed is undeniably impressive, and that’s what I like.

I get to use a wireless mouse without worrying about charging it much, especially if you got the Logitech powerplay mouse mount which this mouse is compatible. 

That means you can wirelessly charge the mouse on Logitech’s, and therefore you’ll never have to charge at all.

Logitech G502 – Software & Lighting

logitech g502

Wireless technology has come an incredibly long way, there are no longer concerns about latency or battery life, and it’s mature enough that there are no significant concerns. There are a lot of benefits to using a wireless mouse.

I like the way the Logitech G502 feels with no wire; it gives you a consistent movement there’s never any pushback drag or anything like that it’s much better than using a mouse with a mouse one g. I recommend you try a wireless mouse for gaming or just using it for daily usage if you can get the chance.

 One thing I recommend personally is once you’ve got a profile configured that you know you’re going to keep, store it to the mouse and turn the mouse to onboard memory mode. This means you don’t have to wait for the Logitech ghub software to start at startup, or you can even disable it running at startup to improve your boot times, and your mouse will be instantly at your correct settings.

Logitech G502 wireless has managed a 7-gram weight reduction over the wired g502 hero down to just 114 grams.

However, this still doesn’t make it a light mouse; having no wire makes it feel very soft and agile. It does take a lot of weight away from it. The Logitech g502 lightspeed is also a Logitech light sync mouse. So, it’s fully RGB and across two RGB zones, the logo and the dpi indicator.

You can turn the dpi indicator to always on in the Logitech g hub software. it just gives you that extra bit of light; however, if you don’t have three different dpi set up and then have it on the third level to the highest level, only one light or however which dpi level you’re on respectively will light up

 In addition to this, there’s no fancy light bar like the g203 light sync. So, the effects are limited. It’s still a great looking mouse. 

A feature I like is the low battery effect so that you can customize it.

The mouse also has six onboard memory profiles, which is a nice feature, especially with it being a wireless mouse and more portable. You don’t have to install the Logitech g up software if you use it with various devices.

You can also add 16 grams of weight to the bottom of the mouse to customize it however you want with the included weight. 

Built Quality

logitech g502

The build quality as a whole is outstanding; it feels very high quality. The plastics are pleasant to touch, and so are the rubber grips; they also don’t feel like they’re going to wear out anytime soon.

 The Logitech G502 is 132 millimetres (mm) long, 75 millimetres wide and 40 millimetres high. This does make it on the larger side of gaming mice, so those with particularly small hands may struggle regardless of your grip style.

However, if your hands are significantly smaller, then this mouse probably isn’t right for you.

You can only use the sniper button comfortably with the thumb, so it’s not the most important button. I think that’s a good gauge that if you call to reach that the mouse is probably too big for you.

 it’s been very well designed to suit all different grip styles; it’s comfortable to palm claw and fingertip, I’m personally a claw user, but the more significant design has given me a slightly flatter clip that is closer to the palm and using a bit of fingertip, now and then but it just works for me well.

Fingertip users may once again have trouble reaching the sniper button unless you have particularly large hands.

The primary mouse clicks were very satisfying to use. They were fast and responsive. In total, the wireless lightspeed mouse features 11 programmable buttons, which is a lot.

The two primary mouse clicks a DPI changing button. Two thumb buttons, the sniper button, two buttons on the side of the mouse click, the scroll wheel click and the scroll wheel can learn from side to side, giving another two buttons.

The sniper button’s idea is that you can switch to a lower dpi temporarily for more accurate sniper shots or just another precise aiming when you press it.

 On the bottom of the mouse, you have plenty of feet, this means there’s lots of surface area contact with the mouse mat, and it helps it just glide smoothly and feel agile despite the higher weight, and without the wire, it moves even more consistently.

 The scroll wheel on this Logitech mouse is perfect. So, it’s metal and has an excellent design which means you can see through bits of it, and if you align the spokes right, it even looks like it’s floating.

Unlike the original g502, they added a rubber topper which was a good addition, and I appreciate it being added. 

It also has the excellent feature that Logitech likes to advertise, where you can unlock the scroll wheel with the button behind it and scroll it fast for a long time.

Should I Buy the Logitech G502?

Overall, I think the Logitech g502 lightspeed is a great mouse. But obviously, it’s not cheap, and if I had any significant criticisms at this price point, I’d be disappointed and sending it back. It is compatible with all grip styles reasonably well, like I said, but don’t forget it is on the larger side, so if you have particularly small hands, you may be uncomfortable using it.

It’s also not particular lightweight; however, the lack of a wire and low lift-off distance does help with that it is just something to consider it very much does feel different from an ultralight gaming mouse if that’s something you’re used to. But I think wireless technology has come a long way, there’s no issues with latency, connectivity or anything like that nowadays, and the battery life is perfect.


If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse that offers many functions with the best sensors, then Logitech G502 is the best option.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent battery life – with up to 48 hours.
  • The HERO sensor is sharp.
  • Brilliant backlight functions.


  • Hyperscroll seems a bit pointless.
  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Removeable bottom panel is fiddly.