SteelSeries sensei 310

What is the SteelSeries sensei 310?

Steelseries sensei 310

The sensei 310 is even better, the scroll button is smoother the texture and the finish feel better.

One thing I like about this mouse is that it keeps it maintains that minimalistic design and keeps only what is essential to performance.

It stands about 3.9 centimeters tall roughly, 6.5 centimeters wide, 12.5 centimeters in length.

The SteelSeries weighs around 92 grams. The sensei 310 is an ambidextrous mouse built with a fiber-reinforced plastic body to be durable and lightweight. USB cable is 2 meters long, and it’s rubberized. Now I’m a fan of braided cable, so I wish they had done that instead, but hopefully, we can see that in future models.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 - Performance

SteelSeries sensei 310

The next two things I want to talk about is the sensor and something called the split trigger switches. The sensor uses this SteelSeries True Move 3 optical sensor and has a CPI range from 100 to 12000. 

They also have an accurate one-to-one tracking from 100 to 3500 CPI, now what that means is as long as your CPI is 3500 or low, the tracking is more accurate, whereas the exact distance your mouse moves on the mouse pad is the actual distance your cursor moves on the screen.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Software

Steelseries sensei 310

The current steel series software is called engine three, and it’s what you would use to customize and program all of your SteelSeries settings and devices. If you open up the SteelSeries Engine 3 software, you’ll see three tabs on top. 

The first tab is a list of your SteelSeries gear or devices that you have connected. The sensei 310 is my only steel series device, so that’s the only thing displayed. The second time is labeled engine apps. This is where all your different apps programs and individual games can interact directly with your SteelSeries devices. 

You have your library, which is a list of games and applications that you have installed on your computer. When engine 3 detects a selected compatible application or game running, it will automatically change and optimize the settings on your SteelSeries devices to create the best experience for you.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 - Controls

SteelSeries Sensei 310 - Controls

So let’s go into the sensei 310 controls. On the left side, you can customize and reprogram all your buttons now; since I’m right-handed, I deactivated my b6 and b7 button, so I don’t accidentally click a function that I usually use. Over here, you can customize your RGB settings on the scroll wheel and the SteelSeries logo in the middle. And there’s a few different effects you can play with, but I currently have the mindset of a steady white glow just for the sake of my desktop theme.

You have two CPI settings you can toggle between using the CPI button located below the scroll wheel for your sensitivity. I have my low and set to 800 and my high set 2000 depending on what game I’m playing or the type of work I’m doing. 

We have acceleration and deceleration; you can use those, but I don’t, so I need mine at 0. 

Angle snapping will automatically snap your mouse cursor into the linear pattern you’re trying to draw along; the higher you Jack up the setting, the stricter and quicker it will snap into that line. 

Now, this feature was put in to assist people with the steadier crosshair for first-person shooters, so basically, if you’re a noob and you suck at aiming, these are training wheels for you.

Pulling right has to do with how frequently your cursors are updated on the screen in terms of where it is. The higher the hurts, the faster the speech. I leave it at 1000 hertz for a one millisecond response time. 

Maybe the steel series can make the buttons replaceable and sell those pieces separately.

Built Quality

Steelseries sensei 310

The built quality of sensei 310 is good. There’s something called split trigger switches, now; in most mice designs, the entire body of a mouse is made out of one piece of plastic but what’s still series did is they took the part that is resting under your palms and the primary click buttons as separate pieces of plastic.

 Now, SteelSeries provides a higher rate of consistency when it comes to using your mouse; for example, if you’re playing first person shooter, a lot of people will have their moments where like they die from lack or because they miss clicking or something, this is supposed to reduce that. 

Should I Buy the SteelSeries Sensei 310?

Overall, the built quality and performance of sensei 310 are excellent. There’s no braided cable. It’s not that much cheaper, but for gaming, this mouse is preferable.


The SteelSeries Sensei is better than before. With new sensors, improved built quality, and upgraded software, this is the best ambidextrous mouse you can buy.